Hobby House Bangkok

Hobby House Bangkok is a place that welcomes people of all ages and nationality who are looking for a creative way to relax. Life in a city is often quite stressful. It is almost impossible for those living and working in an urban environment to find the time and space for creativity. This was a problem that faced a group of friends and they decided to do something about it. Together this group of friends created a meeting place and school for those who wished to indulge their artistic abilities or simply find a creative outlet from the stresses of everyday life. Thus Hobby House was born over twenty years ago. Located in the heart of Bangkok it is both a studio and a refuge. Beginning with porcelain painting, Hobby House now offers a variety of courses in many different disciplines to indulge anyone who loves art and crafts, from beginners to experts.

Hobby House offers two porcelain painting courses. The “American” technique is taught by Khun Nakrob Kuldilok, and the “European” style is taught by Khun Jantarika Vakulchai. Both teachers are internationally certified. To complement the in-house teachers, Hobby House plays host to visiting foreign artist two times a year. Internationally renowned artists such as Josephine Robinson, Stephen Hayes, Kari-Unn Paye, Celee Evans, Patricia Arvieri, Celeste McCall, Paula Collins, Paula White, Cheril Meggs and Peter Faust have taught seminars and shared their experiences with students. Apart from porcelain painting, Hobby House offers courses on beading taught by Khun Yupaporn Triangkul. Foreign artists in this field such as Huib Petersen and Met Innmon from the U.S., also conduct workshops at Hobby House.

Hobby House also offers courses on decoupage and decorative painting taught by Khun Nakrob Kuldilok, Teddy Bear Making taught by Khun Pornvimol Distakul, as well as water colour, oil and acrylic paintings taught by Archarn Pornchai Lerttamsiri.

Khun Naruvorn Panyarachun


Khun Nakrob Kuldilok


Khun Kantarika Vakulchai